The Lindsay and Hilary story: we met 4 years ago over a smoothie in San Diego and have since forged an exciting, adventurous and inspired friendship. we are both practicing Doctors of physical Therapy in the outpatient setting and have a shared sense of creativity, passion for wellness and outdoor adventuring. We have spent our respective lives to this point both immersed in historical novels, tempering competitive streaks, and valuing solo time of introspection. Our paths have naturally converged to lead us down the long dirt road to Donovan's Point. THROUGH VARIOUS WORKSHOP AND LECTURES THAT WE HAVE GIVEN, THE audience FEEDBACK HAS BEEN THAT THEY WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING LIKE BACKCOUNTRY BLISS AVAILABLE to them. Well...asked and answered.


More on Hilary in Lindsay's words:

"Since Hilary returned from California to her New England roots 3 years ago, she has touched our community as a Physical Therapist and an educator. She is committed and loyal and holds herself to a higher standard than most. She is at once modest (overly in my opinion) and confident and is ALWAYS practicing what she preaches. She has a deep love of the outdoors, particularly skiing (which has been at the forefront of her entire life) so she is familiar and comfortable in the backcountry.

She won't tell you this, but she dominates the local skiing and running race circuit, but yet remains so entirely down-to-earth that you know she only does it out of pure enjoyment, nothing else. (Well, maybe to pacify her healthy competitive nature which earned her that place on the US Ski Team.) But to know Hilary, it's hard to picture her fighting fiercely for those podium spots, she is so calm and sweet and even-keeled.

As Hilary's colleague, I am grateful for her brilliance and for the high quality she brings to everything she does. More importantly, I wish for everyone a friend like I have in Hilary. She is the perfect collaborator for me as we co-host Backcountry Bliss" 


More on Lindsay in hilary's words:

"Lindsay is the type of person who naturally inspires you to be more present and thoughtful. Always polished and refined, she has a sweetness that creates a natural ease. This translates well in her career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, particularly in her specialty work with female pelvic floor dysfunction and it's inherent need for sensitivity.

When I met Lindsay she was just becoming certified as a yoga instructor. This pursuit has cultivated in her a different approach to assessing and instructing human movement. But more profoundly, I can see that she intuitively connects with people on an energetic level. Lindsay is whip-smart, and fearless in thinking outside of the box and helping others do the same. Our friendship has been anchored by a mutual passion for helping others, including each other. We have had endless idea-generating conversations, many of which resulted in the inception of Backcountry Bliss.

I believe that our lives come in phases and since meeting Lindsay I have felt a strong positive shift in myself. Before, I struggled to envision how I could make a serious impact in my community and be a leader. But now, together with my friend, it seems within reach."