Welcome to Backcountry Bliss

The air is cooling and our bodies are beginning to yearn for snowy adventures.  The reason to bundle up and breathe crisp snappy snow is something I look forward to each year.   Being out in nature is as invigorating as it is introspective, allowing us to quiet the chaos and steep in all that is elemental and true. Thoughtfully designed by hosts Hilary McCloy, DPT and Lindsay Mayock, DPT RYT,  Backcountry Bliss is an opportunity to be in such a place and state of mind that inevitably leads to a personal calibration. It is a carefully curated weekend of both adventure and reprieve, resulting in the type of satisfaction that only comes after a day of skinning among the trees and in the mountains and practicing yoga and meditation. This yoga and hiking retreat is an opportunity to dial back, to return to nature and to yourself, and to do so in the idyllic setting of Donovan's Point and the White Mountains. Please join us...

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