Injury Prevention Workshops



The goal of these workshops is to teach the participants how to connect with their bodies and learn to self monitor during daily routines or sport specific movements.  The workshops include education on basic anatomy, biomechanics and how to feel/observe your body during exercises and sport.  We want to teach people to be more self aware through empowerment of knowledge and practice.  We can design the workshops to be sport or movement specific.  



August 31, 2019 in Conway NH

We are excited to bring together a group of like minded runners who are looking to take their running to another level and learn how to care for their body.  Running is a special activity that fuels the soul and our adventurous spirit.  

The focus of this workshop is education.  We want to teach you to start thinking about your body and how it is moving through space.  We will teach you the tools to start taking ownership of your body through postural awareness, exercises and translating it to running specifics.  You have to have stability and mobility to run strong and smart. 

The workshop will run from 8:30 am to approximately 3 PM. 

COST: $100

The workshop will include:

LECTURE - biomechanics and injury prevention focus for running specific athletes led by Hilary McCloy, PT, DPT 

GUIDED EXERCISES - a critical selection of exercises that will promote stability and proper technique with Exercise Booklet

YOGA FOR RUNNERS - a yoga class led by Lindsay Mayock, PT, DPT, RYT with an emphasis on running specifics


GROUP TRAIL RUN in Conway NH   - local runners will join us to guide groups on a fun run.  


FUEL and NUTRITION education: we will provide samples and take home SKRATCH products. This is a brand that we use regularly and believe in their mission to provide fuel with natural ingredients. 



Check back here and on our instagram for more information on scheduled workshops.  @backcountryblissretreats

We can come to you!

If you work with a group of runners, skiers, hikers or any activity we can come to you and create a workshop tailored to your needs.  Please contact us with inquiries at our email


Running the Carter Moriah Range in White Mtns. NH