Fall trail run on the Tamworth side of Mt. Chocorua. 

Fall trail run on the Tamworth side of Mt. Chocorua. 

Trail Running

Trail running in the White Mountains will prepare you for just about any trail.  It is a little bit steeper, rockier and rugged than the rest of NE.  The focus for Backcountry Bliss's trail run retreat will be to showcase the various terrain - we can cruise along the Saco River on a soft, forgiving trail or head up onto a ridge for the view.   We will be mixing up running when it's runnable and power hiking when the incline increases.  


The practice of yoga offers us all an opportunity to turn inward and to find a more deliberate rhythm to our movements. In a world that typically has us bustling at an almost ballistic pace, it is vital to cultivate a slower cadence, to find stillness so that our bodies can process all of the incessant input. I will guide the yoga portion of the retreat with this intention at the heart of our practices. 

-Cone Drill (Left).jpg

Injury Prevention

Lindsay and Hilary have spent the last 3 springs running a class called Run Strong that instructs and trains local runners to be more body aware, stronger and more safe when they run.  The combination of being Physical Therapists and passionate about education led us to these annual classes. We believe in teaching biomechanics, muscle anatomy and the physics to allow runners to understand why strengthening and mobility is so crucial to a long, healthy running career.  The class is a circuits and yoga based program.  We would be remiss if we did not incorporate these teachings into our Trail Run Retreat.  


We prepare fresh, homemade meals to replenish the system and give a taste of fall in New Hampshire.  We will dine at the house for Breakfast and dinner while taking lunch with us on our running adventure for the day.  We can discuss various types of nutrition that can we love for the trails to keep the glycogen stores up!  We love Skratch and Untapped waffles!  

What to Bring

  • Trail shoes
  • Shorts/tshirt
  • Thin shell
  • Hat - sun/warm
  • Longsleeve
  • Small pack or vest
  • Water Vessel of choice
  • Yoga mat (if you have one)
  • Comfortable house clothes
  • Bathing suit/towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Chafe Stick (if you have it)

Weekend Plan

6 pm Friday night arrival, dinner, relax

6 30 am Morning Yoga

9:30 am - 4:00 pm Trail Run - we may do 2 short ones with lunch between (TBD)

5:00 - 7:00 relax, swim in conway lake, rehydrate

7:30 Dinner

After dinner sunset Yoga on Porch

Sunday will be similar with one trail run and yoga mixed into the day.