Wedded (Backcountry) Bliss

Hi, Lindsay here. 2017 was a big year in my life, as I got to marry my fabulous husband Teddy. I wouldn't trade anything about our wedding experience! Our big day came with the one thing that we couldn't plan for or purchase... it was that warm feeling of connection to each other and to the love that encircled us. It was a sense of pure joy which is it's own all consuming force of nature. The best word is, well... Bliss. 

A huge part of our wedding and the love (and the planning) was my dear friend and bridesmaid Erica. She was so supportive and intentional about all of the adjunct events that happen when you get married (i.e. showers, bachelorette gathering, etc.) The degree of her presence was absolutely amazing considering last year she was part of SEVEN weddings, four of which she was IN. As she told me about the various bachelorette weekends she was obliged to attend, I realized that in general the "bachelorette gathering" has turned into a MAJOR expense and a HUGE endeavor! Often the result of all the investment is to essentially get somewhere (often by plane), dress up and "go out" sporting feather boas, crowns, and sashes. To each other own, but I thought, hmmm, I think the "bachelorettes party" is in need a makeover. Or at least some alternatives.  Enter: Backcountry Bliss. 

Hilary and I already had established the framework for our retreat business and thought how wonderfully our model works for friend gatherings such as the notorious Bachelorette Party. There is so much planning for a bridal party and the bride around a wedding, so let us handle this part! We can curate a weekend or overnight at Donovan's Point with seasonally associated outdoor adventures (trail running, hiking, SUP, skiing, snowshoeing, etc) and yoga (always).

To me, the whole point of a bachelorette weekend is to honor a momentous life event and the dawn of a new era with your nearest and dearest gal pals. And in our opinion adventuring together in the outdoors is an amazing way to do just that; setting the stage for a happy, healthy union and plenty of wedded (backcountry) bliss. Contact us for more details or to get planning!

Backcountry Bliss